Do you know?

Do you know that your baby’s position before labor even starts may have a big impact on how and when labor could go? AND head down is not enough??

Yes, it does!! The best position of the baby to be in before labor starts is head down but also with it’s back on your left side and the little feet kicking on your right side near your ribs.

Do you know that your position during your pregnancy can encourage or hinder the baby’s position?

Yes, that’s true too. So if you lay on your back or reclined a great deal of the time, your baby may think of your belly as a hammock. So where ever your belly is the lowest, is usually where the baby’s back will tend to go.  For example, if your back is rocked back , so might be the baby’s back. You lay on your left side, baby may tend to also put its backto your left side.

Do you know that the baby will usually go to the best position that it can fit in to prepare for birth?

The baby will usually go where it can fit, but if mom keeps herself in a reclined position it can hinder the baby from getting there but so can a pelvis that is not balanced or even if there are ligaments in the pelvis that seem to be tight and in the way.

Do you know that there are chiropractors that sometimes can help mom get her pelvis in better shape to help the baby find the best position to fit through the pelvis?

You may be learning all kinds of little tid bits of good information today. Yes, Chiropractic care is safe during pregnancy but not all Chiropractors are the same, just like not all medical doctors are the same. If you had something out of wack with your stomach I doubt you would make an appointment with your neighborhood Ear Nose and Throat doctor. I’m sure s/he is a wonderful doctor and may even have a great bed side manor and even VERY knowledgable. But not likely to be able to help your particular situation. Chiropractors are very much the same way. You will want to see a specially trained Chiropractor. And even with extra training there are different kinds. So ask your Chiropractor what kind of EXTRA training they have completed. One that has completed a few years of “pediatric” training is what you want to look for. They should also be treating lots of pregnant mommas and their littles so they have plenty of experience too.

Do you know that there are things that you can do to help widen and make room for your baby as the baby is coming into and through your pelvis during your labor and birth?

Who knew that dancing through labor pretending like you are a ballerina or even Chubby Checkers could help your baby, if it needs a little extra help, navigating through your pelvis. Not only that, but wanting to “get to Kansas” could even assist in opening up the bottom of your pelvis for the big moment of birth.

Do you know there are a few fruits that, if you are able to eat, may help your body better prepare for your birth?

Now you are telling me I can EAT my way to a better birth? Yes I am! If you are able to eat plenty of sweet fruits, there are a couple that can really make a huge difference,  you can help your own body get ready to do all the stretching it needs to do when that baby is ready to be born.

These things may all sound a little crazy but they are all true! You can learn the rest of the details about these many different tips as well as so many more with the help of a great labor doula and by getting a good childbirth education before you go into labor.

I would love to help you along the journey of childbirth!! At Northern Virginia Birth Services we offer Weekend Madness 101 and 101.5The basic class (Weekend Madness 101) covers all the basics for having your baby from helping you communicate with your provider even before labor starts, to making a birth plan,  dealing with contractions with and with out medication,  learning about the many pros and cons to many different choices you may need to make, and even learn about what may be expected if a cesarean birth is needed.  If you are determined to have a non medicated birth, either in a hospital, birth center or home, the advanced 101.5 will be right for you after you have taken the basic class or you have had an independent childbirth class taught outside of a hospital. You can learn about all the rest of the story of the above mentions “did you knows”.

Furthermore, Northern Virginia Birth Services, we are here to help you connect with many different resources that are offered in our community. We can help you find a labor or postpartum doula that is great for you. If you need help with lactation or pumping, Chiropractic care, massage therapy even postpartum emotional support and so much more, we got ya covered!!