Questions To Ask A Placenta Encapsulator

Questions To Ask A Placenta Encapsulator

Not sure what to ask about placenta encapsulation? Are you concerned about sanitary procedures? Are you wondering what is involved for you? How will you know the placenta pills you get are yours? Here are some basic questions to help you find the best support for your encapsulation and you and your baby!

Jillian Harris Swears by Her Placenta

The Bachelorette, HGTV star Jillian Harris is enjoying an amazing postpartum time and swears it is because of her placenta.

Yes! Jillian Harris ate her placenta.

It isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Harris ingested capsules to help her transition easier from birth through the first few weeks postpartum. More and more women are desiring this service to assist their transition. Even if a woman is not sure she will ingest the pills, some opt to still encapsulate so the pills are there if she feels she needs them.

It is security.

It is smart.

It works.

Harris describes her experience with increased energy and emotional balance. Other women find they have less fatigue, healthy milk supply, balanced mood and much more.

At Northern Virginia Birth Services, we provide our encapsulation clients with an experience of support and care. We do not do crazy…we do safe and normal. Our postpartum placenta specialists will support you best in your home, guaranteeing the safest process for you and your family. You can find out more about our process here.  Join the red carpet circle of strong, smart women (and celebrities) who have enjoyed the amazing benefits of placenta encapsulation

The Northern Virginia Birth Services Difference

What makes Northern Virginia Birth Services DIFFERENT from other doula agencies or doulas in our area? What makes us the BEST?

1. Team Approach With a Difference

Some agencies just do shared call but at NOVA Birth Services you have a primary doula who you are in contact with throughout your pregnancy and when birth begins. You also have a professional doula as a back up who you will meet to. There is no searching for local doulas last minute on list serves to attend your birth should your doula be at another birth. Which brings us to our next BEST difference.

2. Professional Options

All the doulas at NOVA Birth Services are all trained from some of the countries best doula training companies and are encouraged to keep up with continuing education to grow their knowledge to best support the families in our community. Because of diversity, we also have many additional services to offer our clients based on their needs and wishes. Some of those services included are belly binding, massage, keepsake jewelry, postpartum support groups and tons of education opportunities. 

3. Non Judgemental

Our support is not what we think is best for you or our ideals. IT IS ABOUT YOU! We support clients no matter where they choose to birth, how they choose to birth, or how they feed their babies. We meet you where you are at and help to instill you with strength in your decisions as a parent. We aren't a birth center, or hospital so our support is unbiased and all YOUR WAY!

4. No Doubt Placenta!

YES! Our safety standards are so that we guarantee 100% that the care for your placenta is your placenta. We provide the transport kit that follows World Health Organization transportation guidelines and you take it home and we come to your home to serve you during the postpartum period and to process the placenta with love, care and with the highest regard. 

We come highly recommended from many providers in the area and have been serving families in our communities for many years. Look no further than the support at Northern Virginia Birth Services for your unique, your way support. 


Placenta Encapsulation

Growing at the point of implantation, the circulation of the placenta is fully developed at the end of the first trimester. The placenta's function is to provide oxygen and nutrients to the growing baby in the womb. There is still so much more to know and discover about this amazing organ that women grow in pregnancy.  

More and more women are discovering the powers of balance within the placenta for their adjustment and healing after birth. More and more celebrities seem to share their experiences with it. Women are turning to placenta encapsulation for many reasons. A few benefits of placenta encapsulation include:

  • Balanced hormonal transition after birth
  • Improvement in milk supply
  • Mood stabilization
  • Decrease postpartum bleeding
  • Boost in energy

 Completed pill

Completed pill

 Spill Kit

Spill Kit

*This information is not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or preventdisease.
 Finished product

Finished product

At Northern Virginia Birth Services we offer a method that has been around for thousands of years and based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We use a traditional method by gently cleaning the placenta and also slowly steaming it with lemon and ginger herbs to help balance a woman after birth. The placenta is not cooked, rather steamed slowly at a certain temperature to kill bacteria and to provide the heat energy a mother needs in the postpartum period. The  placenta is then placed in pieces in the dehydrator overnight. The following day it is put in a small blender to grind to salt like consistency and then placed in veggie capsules. Our PPS will discuss suggested consumption at that time with you. 

This service is provided in your home so you can rest assure it is your placenta and cared for respectfully and safely in your home environment. We feel we can best serve you when we are with you. To make it easier on you, we will give you a transport kit with a spill kit for transporting your placenta home from hospital or birth center. The spill kit contains the required items that are recommended by the World Health Organization organ transfer guidelines. Our postpartum placenta specialists will come to your home to prepare the placenta over a two day period. Each day takes approximately 2-1/2 hours. Included in our services is the option for an umbilical cord keepsake and a blood placenta print. You also have the option of adding on a long lasting tincture or salve for a small additional fee. Don't fall for just any encapsulation service, allows us to serve you in your home as we prepare you placenta safely and with high regard. 

Where Is My Placenta?

"Where is my placenta?"

"Where does it go after it is taken from me?"

"How is it cared for?"

"How do I know what I get back is mine?"

Questions like these are common when a mom wants to encapsulate her placenta.  These questions are ones a trained or certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist (PPS) will never have to answer! A professional, trained and/or certified as a PPS must guarantee her clients the best care and when it comes to placenta encapsulation the best care needs to be the safest care for her client, her family and herself.

The PPS stands out from other placenta encapsulators because of the standards they use to honor this sacred part of a mother. The biggest standards, being that the certified PPS encapsulates in the mother's home and he/she is not responsible for transporting it from the hospital or birthing location to the mother's home. The placenta stays with the mother.  The mother's own body and baby created it. It is unique only to her.  

Now for some, these standards make sense. Why? Because it is a guarantee for the mother. Some scoff at that and may argue the mother is not being given a choice, but the client still has a choice.  If she is not happy or comfortable with the standards of care for her sacred organ she certainly has the choice to find another specialist who will offer what she so desires. Just like a woman has the choice in finding the best care provider for her birth and the best doula for the support she needs. 

How does one guarantee a mother that the placenta prepared for her is in fact hers and it is being done in a clean place? By word of mouth, a referral? By guaranteeing your word? By informing the mother you have done hundreds with no mistakes? Yes that may be enough for you as a mother or an encapsulator. Even if an encapsulator has what they believe is a fool proof system, it is not a guarantee. It can be better and it is.   

The postpartum placenta specialist approaches her time around the mother and the steps involved in her work as sacred and as a time of reflection. It is a time to honor, pause and respect all that the mother is and has become. The Postpartum Placenta Specialist provides an amazing experience for the mother in caring for her placenta and also the mother in her home. 

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