Jennifer Wood

Birth Assistant
Massage Therapist

Jennifer is a certified birth assistant, herbalist, aromatherapist, and massage therapist with a focus on fertility, prenatal and postpartum massage. She is trained as a SMC full circle birth doula, and has done trainings with spinning babies, and sacred postpartum. Her educational background gives her a knowledge base that has emphasis on the physiology of birth, and the impact that body alignment and fetal position have on labor and birth. She brings a wealth of holistic knowledge to the table, and has experience supporting birthing people in a variety of situations and environments.

Jennifer currently working towards her nursing degree on her path to become a Certified Nurse Midwife. Her background in holistic wellness, and current education in nursing allows her to work efficiently in both a home based and medical environment.

Birth is an amazing, powerful, yet vulnerable experience, and Jennifer feels her role as a birth doula is to meet the client where they are at, connect with them there, and educate, empower and facilitate in whatever way is necessary, so that the client can achieve their best birth. Unbiased, respectful, non-judgemental support, is something that Jennifer feels very strongly about, and offers to every client.