Erin Hughes



Erin is a DONA trained birth doula working towards certification with specific training in optimal positioning of baby. She also  has experience with successful VBACs and VBA2Cs.  Prior to her doula training, she earned a BS in biology from the University of Maryland followed by an MS in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University.  She worked full-time for over a decade in the legal/regulatory science field.  While this career was rewarding in some ways, it wasn't until her journey into motherhood that she began to realize what she believed to be her true calling.  Her personal experience with birth, coupled with a passion to care for other women, strongly influenced her desire to pursue a career in helping to empower women by providing support, guidance, and advocacy during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  

Although she and her partner took Bradley Method classes and felt well prepared before the birth of her first daughter, she and her husband were not at all prepared for the 50 hours of labor she experienced before finally giving birth.  They decided to hire a doula for their second daughter's birth, which went faster and much more smoothly than the first.  For that, she gives much credit to her doula who amazed them with her ability to be a quiet, yet strong, constant supportive presence by their side.  Since then, becoming a doula has been on her mind as something she would absolutely love to do and be good at.  The experience Erin gathered during her first birth, including how to cope with prodromal labor, posterior positioning of baby, and use of an epidural, combined with that of her second unmedicated birth, gives her a particular perspective on what works as far as physical and emotional support during labor.  Erin's own birth experiences showed her what an amazing, empowering experience birth is and how strong a woman can be!  

Birth is such a defining moment for the entire family, and evidence shows that when a family receives quality support during this process, the birth outcomes are better and the memories and perceptions of the birth are more satisfying.  Whatever choices you decide to make when it comes to your birth, as your doula, Erin will work hard to offer unbiased support, advocacy, and encouragement to help guide you through the process.  It will be her honor to support your family during this precious time and help ensure the best possible birth experience for you and your baby.