Gabriella Garcia



Gabriella is delighted to join the NOVA Birth Services team and assist couples to transition their baby earthside. Gabriella is originally from Long Island, New York and was brought to DC to pursue a Ph.D. in Political Science from The George Washington University. She holds a B.A. in Psychology with research encompassing social phenomena, intimate relationships, biases, and personality. Gabriella decided to become a doula in hopes to empower women to recognize the incredible contribution a woman has to humanity by providing clients with evidence-based research regarding pregnancy and birth, proven comfort and support measures, and the reassurance a woman's body was made to grow, support, and birth her baby. Gabriella's number one priority as a doula is to ensure couples are provided with all options available to them so they can make informed choices to ensure the most positive/optimal birth experience for everyone. Additionally, Gabriella believes it is important to nurture the notion that the birth of their baby also means the birth of a mother, father, big brother/sister, and new family dynamic altogether. With an empathetic and mindful approach, Gabriella hopes to assist families in looking back on a positive birth experience.