Jamie Mueller



My love for birth began while I was pregnant with my girls. I realized how much there was to learn and how little we are taught about birth in our everyday lives. It became clear to me how important it is to educate yourself but also how important it is to have educated people around you who are there just for you during your birth. So, after having my girls, I decided to go into childbirth education and doula work to help more parents discover their confidence and inner strength.

I have been teaching Lamaze classes for the past three years and am the current Board President of the Lamaze DC Chapter. I also teach new educators and provide mentorship to those starting out. I have been trained and have worked as a postpartum doula and have also taken trainings in birth doula work, advanced birth comfort measures, breastfeeding support, safe formula preparation, birth and newborn biology and physiology, high-risk birth support, belly binding, and infant sleep coaching. I love continuing to learn and passing that knowledge on to expecting parents and other educators.  I took my DONA birth doula training in June 2018 and am currently working towards my certification. I think having a doula with a personality and style that matches or compliments yours is incredibly important. I’m not an overly “crunchy” person. I have a good sense of humor and a non-judgmental attitude towards people’s preferences during their birth. I like using a rebozo, verbal affirmations, and normalizing language. If your partner is present and you’d like them to be involved, I enjoy facilitating their involvement and helping them be your primary source of comfort during labor while I work on helping you in other ways.

I have five year old twins and live in the country with them, my husband, our labradoodle, and two cats. In my spare time I knit, cycle, and love eating out at good restaurants.