Jenny Carranza


Jenny’s a DONA trained birth doula working towards certification. She’s loved babies, pregnancy and researching PCOS and infertility since she was a little girl. Being a nurturer is something that has always been natural for her, even being nick named “Mother Theresa” by her closest friends. She volunteered at Mary Washington Hospital throughout high school and would always beg to be placed in labor and delivery. Immediately after high school, she began her 9 year career as an insurance advisor. She’s always been passionate about relationship building and helping protect people from the unknown. It’s been very important to her to be an advocate for women and children. During her first pregnancy she researched more in depth current maternal care in the US and the outcomes. Being a first generation Latina she was concerned specifically how the Hispanic community was being affected. After suffering a miscarriage and having a very impersonal experience with her provider she began training as a doula to support women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She believes families deserve all the love and support during such a transformational part of life. She also believes in the woman’s ability to give birth and that we must educate clients on evidence based choices while being all accepting of what they ultimately chose. 

Her family is originally from El Salvador and she’s the oldest of three. She lives in Manassas with her boyfriend, Jose. When she’s not reading up on everything birth she’s either spending time with loved ones, watching documentaries or finding her way to a beach.