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Jennifer was an absolute rock star during my labor

Knowledgeable, professional, amazing, and exactly what my husband and I needed from our Doula. Jennifer was an absolute rock star during my labor at INOVA Fairfax and I can not recommend her highly enough. Her presence and help is why my labor went as well as it did. I 100% believe that without her we would have had a very different outcome (and less of the experience that I wanted). She knew what we wanted, provided helpful suggestions while also supporting our wishes, during labor she anticipated my/our needs beautifully, helped manage the process, and made sure that I got what I needed when I needed it. We were in great hands! - Nicole D. (10/26/2018)

A+ experience!!

I highly recommend Andrea for your prenatal/postnatal experience. From our first phone conversation, we were warmly welcomed and provided a continuous flow of information and assistance throughout our experience. She is very informative and hands on. Most importantly, I had extreme anxiety regarding labor. As soon as Andrea showed up at the hospital, my nerves were eased tremendously. She immediately jumped into action and stayed with me throughout the entire experience. We were able to experience an unmedicated natural birth.  My husband really enjoyed that she was there to assist in ways that he couldn’t. She followed up post birth as well. She genuinely cares about the family as a whole and it shows through her actions. Without a doubt, we had an A+ experience!!! - Teakora Stewart (11/1/2018)

it was a wonderful experience!

As a first time mom I wasn't quite sure what to expect for the birth of my baby, but Jennifer was with me through the pregnancy and a huge support during the birth for both me and my husband. My goal was to have an unmedicated/natural labor and birth, but when my midwives suggested pitocin after my water broke and contractions weren't starting on their own, I was so nervous! Jennifer helped me through the nerves and difficult contractions-- it was a wonderful experience! - Jessica Kelly (9/27/2018)