Thanks from Rachael

Andrea is a Doula who really knows her stuff! The pre-labor visits she had with me and my husband were really helpful and very relaxed and nice. She gave us a lot of great information up front and she was even able to feel my belly and tell how the baby was positioned! My labor was a bit unique....because it lasted a week. Andrea kept in touch with me that week and was available for all of my questions.

When it became closer to game time, she came over and helped increase and regulate my contractions with some cool Doula tricks! She was also a very calming presence. Andrea was wonderful at the hospital. She was encouraging but also provided some slight tough love when it came to my contractions. I never thought I would forget to breathe, but I did! She answered all of my questions, kept me calm, and was a huge help to both me and my husband when it came time for me to push. When it came to preparing for birth ahead of time and working through the labor process, I could not have gotten through without Andrea. She's very knowledgeable and just an all around cool lady!