Many thanks!

This note won't be sufficient enough to express how grateful I feel to you for all of your support and for everything you did to make our birth a wonderful experience. Besides a healthy baby, of course, I wanted that Vaginal Birth After Cesarean so deep in the fiber of my being. I felt like a kid with her heart so set on something, knowing all the while that I shouldn't count on it, but so set nonetheless. I had so many doubts the whole time, but they were never as deep.

With all of your experience, I had total faith in your guidance, and I leaned hard on your support and reassurance in the weeks before and during labor. Your presence made all the difference in the world. Before the baby was born, I was already more at peace, knowing you were there and that ultimately made it possible for me to succeed. I can now truly let go of the negativity and pain that I felt over my Cesarean Section, knowing that I was able to have this kind of birth experience this time around. You have helped me write an incredible part of our life's story that I will hold onto forever.