Introducing Liz Adams-Medina

What brought you to your profession as a doula?

"I was born in one of the poorest countries in the world (Nepal) and I have lived most of my life very aware of the privileges that came with living in the U.S. but when I gave birth prematurely to my first born I needed more than just the saving graces of a hospital setting. I needed a companion to help instill my confidence, support me and my husband, and remind me of my strength. My birth mother passed away after bringing me into the world and I have always felt a need to have birth respected as the significant experience that it meant to me."

What is your favorite part of supporting families?

"Witnessing them gain their confidence and providing them with care and knowledge that allows them to feel supported and see for themselves that they are both irreplaceable and invaluable in their child's life. You really are the best parent for your child! "

When did you become a mother?

"Two weeks before my 21st Birthday."

What is your greatest joy in mothering your children?

"Witnessing my children's joy and watching them develop as loving and compassionate beings."

What is the hardest thing for you in motherhood now?

"Balancing my expectations with reality. Sometimes you can't do it all, but letting go of what's not in your attainable scope of control is one of the most personally liberating and rewarding truths I have learned as a parent. By nature parenthood is a sacrificial act, who knows that some of the things that you sacrifice would actually be essential to your personal development!"

What is your best advice for a new mom?

"It's okay to have mixed feelings about motherhood. Whether it's your first or your fifth, you've never done this dance before so give yourself some time to acclimate."

What is something you always stand by?

"Never forget what you have lost but always remember what you have been given."

We are so excited to have Liz on our team as she supports and nurtures growing families. Thank you Liz for your compassionate care!