Pregnancy Line

A dark brown line is on your belly and growing. 

It's an unexpected surprise!

It is normal!

The official medical term for it is linea nigra. It is a dark brown line that grows vertically on the middle of the abdomen in pregnancy. It begins at the pubic bone and may go all the way up to under your breasts as your belly continues to grow. The line usually appears around 5 months of pregnancy.

Not all women get it and the cause of it is unknown. There are several theories of why it appears, from hormones to vitamin deficiencies and more. 

For most women it will disappear some time after birth. Sun exposure can darken it and experts say to stay away from bleaching creams. 

The line is a popular midwives tale. Does the line end at your belly button? It's a GIRL. Does it go up to your ribs? It's a BOY. 

Whether you welcome or detest this temporary pregnancy tattoo, marking, or sacred goodness, know you are amazing and there is no cause for concern.