Confidence in Birth!

Scientists have found that positive thinking rewires our brains, can keep us from holding onto fears, and stop over-thinking and worrying.

Let's apply this to birth!

When planning and preparing for birth, some mothers, and even fathers, have fears about the experience they will be going through. The power of the mind is an amazing thing. Marie Mongan, founder of The HypnoBirthing Institute, states, " Every thought becomes a plan. If you think a negative thought or vision, it becomes a negative prediction; if you think a positive thought or vision, it becomes a positive prediction and plan." When the mind is dwelling on fearful images the body can be thrown into defense mode creating more tension for mom. 

In their bestseller book, The Confidence Code, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman talk about killing the NATs (negative automatic thoughts) as they are the "front line in the assault on confidence." Sadly, most people are consumed more with NATs than PATs (positive affirmative thoughts). 

So what can one do to remedy this? 

According to Kay and Shipman,  first you have to recognize them. You may even have to write them down. Then you take that negative automatic thought and turn it into a positive or neutral thought. 

Take the negative automatic thought, " I am afraid of birth transition" and change it to " I am strong and powerful in labor."

Reframing  becomes habitual when it is done regularly and can make a huge difference for mothers as they prepare for their births. Not sure how you can change some of those negative thoughts into positive ones? Ask your birthing companion, a close friend or even  your doula. To get you started please enjoy clicking the picture below for your free affirmation cards to print. Hang them where you will see them throughout the day and wipe away your NATs for birth.