The Benefits of a Doula

It is World Doula Week! World Doula week is celebrated March 22-28 each year, beginning on the Spring Equinox. What is so great about having a birth or postpartum doula support the mother? Here are some interesting facts/statistics about what doula support may provide and why it is so important for women and even fathers. 

1. Increased chance of spontaneous vaginal birth 

According to a Cochrane Review, women who had continuous support outside of her birthing companion had a decreased risk in cesarean birth, with spontaneous vaginal delivery increased. A spontaneous vaginal delivery is one in which baby is not mechanically birthed with forceps, vacuum or via cesarean.

2. Shorter Labor

According to the same Cochrane Review, women were found to have shorter labors when there was a continuous support person with the mother. 

3. Mothers report a higher satisfaction

Mothers, no matter the birth outcomes, report a higher satisfaction rating of their birth experience when a continuous support person was at her side. Women care about their experiences and quality of their relationships with staff and providers present at the birth. They also care about their choices and were able to make their own choices better with the support. 

4. Potential of Limiting Interventions 

When a mother has continuous support the likelihood of the intervention cascade occurring is far less. As an example, a mother who is supported physically and emotionally during her birth may have less epidural analgesia which allows for reduced monitoring and a lower chance of needing augmentation of birth with medications like pitocin. 

5.  Increases the confidence of parents

No matter whether it is your first, second or ninth, there are usually areas of adjustment and having a doula at birth or at home after birth provides parents with the encouragement and strength they need to rest assured in their decisions of birth and parenting. At NOVA Birth Services our doulas are non judgmental and there to assist to birth your way and/or parent your way.