Parenting on the Fly!

I don't know what parenting books to use!

I don't know what sleep methods to use!

That is OK!

Parenting is hard, chaotic, beautiful and joyful.

Women find themselves home with baby often wondering what is the best way to parent. So many resources, so many opinions out there.

Postpartum success for a new mom is finding herself, in the midst of chaos, hardness and beauty, figuring out her own way what is best for her and the baby. 

She does not have to be an expert on the various methods of sleep, or caring for her newborn, what and when to schedule things as soon as she gets home from the hospital. She does not have to read all the Dr. Sears books or know all the recommendations from the American Academy Pediatric Physicians. It can be as simple as bringing baby home and finding her rhythm with encouraging support alongside of her.

A mother figuring it out as she goes can and does work.

Will her baby remember the various ways his/her diaper was changed or what diapers were used? No

Will her baby have an increased risk of felony if she decides to bottle feed formula or not swaddle? No

Parenting on the fly and figuring out a rhythm that works for you and your baby are fine. While some go along with the books and recommendations to a tee, there are some that do not and it is not the end of the world if that is you. It can be as simple as bringing baby home and finding your rhythm with support. Encouraging support comes from her partner, doula(s), friends and sometimes family who know and understand that she knows what is best for her and her baby. No judgement, no telling her she could do it better!

A mother knows what is safe for her, her partner and her baby. She knows what she needs to survive. You are ENOUGH!