For All Mothers!


Definition - (noun) a female parent; a woman in authority; maternal tenderness or affection

We started planning for having children in 2008.

I became a mother to some when I was pregnant for the first time in 2009. We lost that baby at 11.5 weeks. It was devastating. 

I became a mother to some when I gave birth to our daughter in 2010. 

What makes a mother?

A baby? Conception? A Birth? 

A mother by definition isn't just something that requires a child. Some mothers are created at birth or an adoption. A mother is created when she must give her baby up for adoption. Some mothers are formed when the yearning of a child grows more and more after months or maybe even years of infertility. Some mothers are made from surrogacy.  A mother is something that begins in the heart. 

When the planning for children began for us things in my life changed. Accommodations were made in my lifestyle and I began to grow feelings of affection for the child that I yearned for. The first two years with a loss and difficulty to conceive were filled with ups and downs but I never question if I was a mother. I was a mother in 2008. 


No matter how you have become a mother, I celebrate you this day!

Whether it is a day of joy or heartache. Whether you mother a baby, an older child, an adopted child, or have a desiring heart.

I honor you mother!

Your love is worth celebrating!