Pregnancy and Massage

From the moment a woman becomes pregnant her body starts to change to adjust for the new life growing inside of her. Organs are moved to fit the growing uterus, ligaments stretch to get the body ready to give birth, and blood flow increases in the mother for nutrients to be passed on to the baby. Pregnancy also takes a toll on mom's musculoskeletal structures, creating more weight for her to carry in a most uneven way. Most women will experience some discomfort throughout their pregnancy and I have found that it increases in their third trimester, although there are a few unicorns out there that do not experience any pain or discomfort throughout their entire pregnancy - lucky them. 

Massage is one of the most beneficial treatments an expectant mother can receive. It is even better if she can receive it often throughout her pregnancy.  I advise mothers to receive massage once a month in the first and second trimester and twice a month in the third trimester. Massage helps to ease muscular tension and discomfort in the mom's ever changing body. It allows her to mentally reconnect with her body and relax. Studies have shown that touch throughout pregnancy will help with an easier, less painful labor as well. 

Pregnancy should be a time of joy and celebration, but it can also be a stressful life change for some. Stress can negatively affect pregnancy, so it is of the utmost importance that the expecting mother stay stress-free. Massage is a great way to help adjust to this life changing process and allow moms to re-center themselves during this time. 

Northern Virginia Birth Services offers pregnancy and postpartum massage in our office in Chantilly. We are excited to have Iris Morrell to provide this amazing service to women and families in our area. Click here to schedule your massage with Iris!