Father's Are Important Too!

Why are fathers important at birth?

Studies show that if a father is affectionate, supportive and involved, he can contribute greatly to a child’s cognitive, language and social development. These children also project a stronger inner core and sense of well being. 

That is great but how about during the actual birth of a baby. Most fathers feel inconsequential to the overall events of the day. Most dads I talk to at prenatal visits and consultations say they just want whatever the mother of the baby wants. 

So dads hear this: You are important at your child’s birth and heres how:

1.       Vasopressin: it’s a hormone mothers produce during pregnancy. It tempers sexual drive in men; they become more protective towards the mom and it helps them bond with baby. 

2.       Oxytocin: the love drug. When dad is close to mom during the labor process additional oxytocin is produced. The laboring woman feels loved and secure, in turn enhancing the labor process.

3.       Improving the family bond:  The journey of birth is one of the most intimate experiences a couple will go through.  In the thick of things challenges are met together. Many times the true character of mom and dad show through the journey of birth.

4.       Voice of reason: babies hear from within the womb.  Your baby has heard both mother and fathers voice for months.  Upon entering the world the sound of a father’s voice can be very reassuring to a baby.  Talk to your baby from the moment they are born.

5.       Fathers are just as essential as mothers and sometimes more calm and secure during the first few weeks of life.  Being a rational voice and helping hand can offer a great deal of comfort to mom and baby.

There are countless ways dads influence their children. Parenthood starts at conception as does the importance of a supportive loving father.  Dads Rock!