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Rosebud Doula: 'Weekend Madness' Basic Childbirth 101: Session 2

NOVA Birth Services & Rosebud Doula present the "'Weekend Madness' Basic Childbirth 101" Course (Session 2) at our studio in Chantilly, VA.

This is a great class for the really busy folks that don't have 5 Thursday nights in a row to commit to someone else. We will cover every thing you will need to know in a fun, fast-paced weekend. Usually it will be on a Friday evening and a full Saturday. It will be a very interactive class and will cover everything from non-medicated births to scheduled caesarian births and everything in between. We cover what to expect, what your body will be going through, what the baby will be doing, how you can manage the challenges of labor and what to expect for the post-partum. We will also go over things you can do and cool products you can use to best prepare you and your baby for the wonderful process called labor.

The registration for this class session is still open. If you are interested in taking Rosebud Doulas "'Weekend Madness' Basic Childbirth 101" class click here.

Remember the NOVA Birth Services Studio is located at: 4460 Brookfield Corporate Drive, Suite G, Chantilly, VA, United States

Contact Amy (The Instructor):

  1. By visiting her website: 
  2. By giving her a call: (703) 597-4742