Chandler Sampson



Graduating with a degree in Education and English from Louisiana State University, Chandler never would’ve thought her path would lead her to birth support and education. Her journey started when the birth of her first child ended tragically with a stillborn at 26 weeks gestation. After researching support for such a thing, she decided to pursue a job in the birth industry as a doula in support of both healthy and happy pregnancies and births as well as losses and difficult births. She was lucky to have an amazing birth team, which included doctors and a midwife, to help her during her loss. Chandler desires for all women to feel the love and support that she felt during that time, no matter the circumstances. 

She is a trained and certified birth doula for more than 4 years. She also has additional trainings as a doula for Bradley Method and hypnobabies comfort measures. She is also a high risk and loss Doula trainer. Certified to train and support other professionals attending losses or difficult births. She believes that birth is one of the most important events of a woman's life and should be treated as such. Believing in the woman’s ability to birth children. while understanding that no two births are ever the same. She feels women deserve to be respected for their choices and supported in those choices. When she is not working as a doula she is cuddling her son and hanging out with her dog and husband in NOVA. 

Typically specializing in high risk and first time moms,  Chandler serves all of Northern Virginia (NOVA) and the DC area with extensive experience in natural, normal low-risk birth to VBACs, C-Sections and high risk pregnancies and loss support.