Elizabeth Whitley



Elizabeth Whitley graduated from Charleston Southern University with a BS in Biology. Her passion for birth started after the birth of her second child, who was born during her husband's second deployment. She decided to hire a doula to ensure she would have someone with her to support her and remind her of her rights and choices. The continuous support she received during labor enabled her to have the intervention-free birth she desired. After this experience, she knew she wanted to help other women understand their rights, feel empowered, and have a joyous birth. Elizabeth has a passion for providing education, supporting choices, and empowering women and their partners. She will work with you to navigate your birth journey and help you have a positive experience, no matter the way your labor ebbs and flows. Elizabeth's postpartum experiences were influenced by the insanity that is military life, and she seeks to provide the education and support that families need as they transition into life with a newborn. Being part of such a momentous occasion in someone's life is an absolute honor. Together, we will work to ensure that you feel prepared and confident in your journey.