Robin Mumford



My desire to know “everything about birth” began when I was about 10, and although I still do not know everything decades later, I have certainly had the opportunity to take that desire to much higher levels over the years. Through supporting women during birth and encouraging them to advocate for themselves, I have also gained my own confidence and knowledge as I continue to grow in my life as a birth and postpartum doula. I truly enjoy seeing a mother realize her full potential and power during the birth of her child!

As with most things I tackle in life, I have found that education is so important, and thus I began my studies. After training with DONA International as a birth doula and then a postpartum doula, I found that I wanted more. Education on breastfeeding and use of the peanut ball came next, along with a passion for Evidence Based Birth support and information. More to be able to share with mothers and their partners, to support them not only during the prenatal and birth process, but also with breastfeeding, infant care, sibling care and the care for multiples as well as infant sleep training. I have served mothers with both traditional and non-traditional lifestyles, single parent, obese, diabetic, teen moms, IVF, and surrogate families. In just the last 9 months I have had the privilege of working with 7 families of multiples, including preemies with health conditions that required special care.

I have completed my training as a Newborn Care Specialist and am currently finishing up my training as an Advanced Newborn Care Specialist. In addition to birthing services, both non-medicated and medicated (including epidural, nitrous oxide, Pitocin), I also offer day, night, and 24-hour postpartum care; newborn care and education in the home, and long term newborn care.