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Birth Doula

Prenatal and Labor support

Monitrice support is a midwife who supports you in your home to do prenatal care, monitors the baby and should you want it, can do vaginal exams during your labor. This service is ideal for people wanting to stay home as long as possible. She then goes to the hospital or birth center with you and her role will then change into a doula.


How do you envision your birth? Imagine your birth surrounded with respectful, honored, nurturing  support.  Our doulas are committed to helping you feel just that at your birth and also during all your consultations. Our highly trained doulas also commit to helping you find your voice and helping to instill you with the strength you need for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It is of utmost importance that our doulas continue their education yearly so we are always offering the best services for the modern, contemporary mom.


Postpartum Support

Doula Services

The transition from birth to postpartum can be an easy transition with our postpartum doulas. Having a nurturing, supportive person alongside you as you care for your newborn and yourself, shows that mothers feel better, are more rested and healthier. They are also empowered about the parenting choices they have made for their family and are provided education as needed through the doula's visit. Our expert doulas can provide necessary referrals if a mother is struggling in a particular area as well. A postpartum doula is a great start to your mother journey with baby at your side.


Placenta Services

Birth Services

While nothing new to our human and mammal history but something new to the modern person today, placenta encapsulation is something that seems to be growing in popularity as its benefits are making a huge impact for mothers in their postpartum period. Our placenta specialists are highly trained in the most safe, sanitary techniques. Placentophagy can provide a mother with a better hormonal transition after birth, improve milk supply and allow for better mood, decrease postpartum bleeding and boost of energy. Find out more here!


Waterbirth Pool Rental

Birth Services

We offer Premium, La Bassine Waterbirth Pool Rentals for your personalized birth experience. The pools are long enough to stretch out in (65" x 53" x 28"), yet deep enough to cover your belly. La Bassine Waterbirth Pools are unique in their design: Their oval shape provides adequate space while also giving you perfect water depth. Eco Friendly Vinyl and durable, air-ridge wall design provides comfort and strength for mothers in labor. These pools are the best in the business; All you need is water!


Bengkung Belly Binding

Birth Services

Belly Binding has many benefits to a pregnant mother and also a mother who has just given birth. It helps in restoring abdominal muscles and preventing back and shoulder discomfort. Bengkung binding adapts to your body shape and also doesn't contain boning. Register for in home instruction here!



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Newborn & Birth Photography

The amazing Elizabeth Whitley captures your intimate moments through labor, birth, and immediate postpartum photography as well as family, maternity and newborn sessions available.