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Andrea is AMAZING!

I cannot say enough amazing things about Andrea, she was our doula both for this and our first child's birth. Andrea took the time to get to know us, what was important to us during the birth, and then helped make sure we had all the support needed. Andrea was flexible and totally reachable before and after our birth to help with questions and emotional support. We had planned on a natural birth, but were told that we needed to induce early. Andrea took the time to walk me through what to expect in a way the doctors had not and without which I would have been totally stressed. She helped me understand options, likely outcomes/steps in the process, and then was there for me throughout. When things got a little stressed (toward the end) she helped make sure my worries were clear to the hospital staff and that I and my husband understood everything that was going on. She helped with positioning pre and during birth, postpartum, and everything in between. I've recommended Andrea to several friends and would 100% use her again. We could not be happier with how things went and with her support. Short version - she's AMAZING.

Meredith M-B

Thanks from Rachel

"Liz was a godsend to us when we came home from the hospital with our daughter.  She was, reliable, punctual, and trustworthy and set us at ease. Over the first many weeks we were home, and as we felt like we needed additional relief, Liz was there for us, helping with everything from washing dishes, giving much needed massage therapy to my aching back, doing laundry and helping with food prep.  She was a huge help and I'm really not sure we could have survived the first many weeks of parenthood without her."

Thanks for Everything

Thank you so very much for everything you have done during the Labor & Delivery of our precious little girl. It was your calm demeanor, loving touch, and professionalism that put me at ease so I could focus on listening to my body. Your ability to single handedly manage my husband, my mother, the doctor, and nurses so that everyone felt involved & important is a magical skill set. I cannot comprehend how you do what you do. You were in valuable to me during supposedly one of the scariest things a women will go through in life. But, your calm energy allowed me to do what is natural & instinctual. I have terrible anxiety, I never once felt anxious during labor. Thanks again to you and to Katie.


Many thanks!

This note won't be sufficient enough to express how grateful I feel to you for all of your support and for everything you did to make our birth a wonderful experience. Besides a healthy baby, of course, I wanted that Vaginal Birth After Cesarean so deep in the fiber of my being. I felt like a kid with her heart so set on something, knowing all the while that I shouldn't count on it, but so set nonetheless. I had so many doubts the whole time, but they were never as deep.

With all of your experience, I had total faith in your guidance, and I leaned hard on your support and reassurance in the weeks before and during labor. Your presence made all the difference in the world. Before the baby was born, I was already more at peace, knowing you were there and that ultimately made it possible for me to succeed. I can now truly let go of the negativity and pain that I felt over my Cesarean Section, knowing that I was able to have this kind of birth experience this time around. You have helped me write an incredible part of our life's story that I will hold onto forever.