Questions To Ask A Placenta Encapsulator

Not sure who, what, how your placenta is handled, cared for and processed?

Here are some questions to guide you on your search for THE BEST!

1. How did you train/certify?

Do you prefer someone handling and processing your placenta with someone who had hand's on training or online training. For a process that is technically hands on and requires efficient cleaning standards for blood borne pathogens, in person, hands on training is often the most sought on for hiring a placenta specialist.

 An encapsulator who is certified often goes through a certain organization to train and certify. Different certifying organizations all have different standards. Some have a grievance policy and some do not. A grievance policy is helpful if you have had a terrible circumstance with your placenta, the client can file grievance with the certifying body about the encapsulator. Some certifying bodies require re-certification every year or two so that they can ensure they are following safety guidelines.

2. Where do you process my placenta?

A placenta is processed either in your home or an encapsulator's home. . At Northern Virginia Birth Services our trained doulas provide the service in your home to ensure you 100% know it is your placenta you are receiving and it is processed in your home environment so as not to expose it to potential foreign bacteria. This also allows us to support and serve you in the postpartum time and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about you, your baby, feeding, diaper changing, emotions, etc. 

3. How does my placenta get processed?

There are lots of ways to ingest your placenta from smoothies, chocolates, pills, raw, steamed, and more. At NOVA Birth Services the placenta encapsulation results in pills that have been made from steaming the placenta, dehydrating it, and finally made into a powder to put in veggie capsules. This method is the traditional method that is followed in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

4. How do you sanitize?

This is very important as the placenta is a blood borne pathogen so you want to make sure you are safe. Your safety and ours is of utmost concern to us. You will want to make sure that your specialist has a BBP (blood borne pathogen) certification. Such a certification requires the use of a bleach solution to clean and sanitize work space and equipment. 

5. How does my placenta get home?

Some doulas, specialists will come and pick it up and take it from you to process in their home or yours. Some specialists will even send their husband or friend. Some will pick it up and maybe have to leave at the fridge at work before they take it home to process. Some will come and pick up a few all in the same place and day. And by now you are probably wondering if this happens, and no these are not made up. Your placenta is respected and cared for with the utmost respect at NOVA Birth Services. We provide the transport kit for you so husband, father, or friend can drop it off at your house in a purple cooler. You will know it is yours and has been handled safely. Your postpartum placenta specialist will take care of the rest when she arrives. 

6. What will the pills do for me?

 We can't say for sure what it will do for you, some women are experiencing some or all of these benefits:

- Balancing of postpartum hormones

- Assistance in healthier breast milk supply   

- Overall increased energy

- Restorative balancing of iron and other nutrients

- Assitance with overall healing following birth

- Decrease risk of mood imbalance postpartum  

While we can't guarantee how the pills will make you feel, we can guarantee you that we will care and safely encapsulate YOUR placenta while we care for you too!


* The information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information presented is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.