We are the same

There is a popular kids show right now on Disney Junior called The Lion Guard. 

Toddlers and young children are singing the songs in the circles of playgroups and acting out the stories with their animals. 

Our children enjoy the show and the music featured in each episode. There is one episode with a specific song that reminded me of parenting and the varied opinions that everyone around you share when you become a parent. 

Sisi Ni Sawa

It means "we are the same" in Swahili. 

As a premier doula agency in Northern Virginia we meet parents who share about what they are told is the "right" or "wrong" way to birth, parent, feed, or care for their children. 

Home birth vs. Hospital birth

Managed labor vs. Non managed labor

Medicated birth vs. Non medicated birth

Breastfeeding vs. formula

Co-sleeping vs. crib

Sleep training vs. Not sleep training

Feeding Schedules vs on demand feedings

Sleep schedules vs. On demand sleep schedules

Organic vs. Non Organic

Working outside the home vs. Stay at home

Cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers

Vaccinating vs. Not vaccinating

The comparisons can go on and on!

But Really........

We are all the same!

Each parent is trying to do right by their children with love and each parent  has a lot at stake here. 


This is your body, your baby, and no one knows those two things better than you.

Even though we disagree, our choices are the best ones for our family. 

Trust your instincts, your mind, your heart. You know what is best. 

Sure there are mistakes but you can't do this "wrong" when you deeply and unconditionally love your child. 

At Northern Virginia Birth Services, we will continue to create a warm, welcoming and supportive community with our support and services as you grow your families your way!