She Doesn't Need Saving!


Women in labor don't need saving. They need support…

There is a notion that a woman in labor needs saving from the discomfort, or lengthy time and/or pressure of labor.

Truth is she does not need saving.

She needs support.

She needs help and resources to guide her every step of the way. Sometimes that support can be in verbal cues, reassurance, love and kindness. Telling her that she’s strong, powerful and amazing.   Sometimes that support is physical with massage and pressure points, holding her hand, having your head placed on hers, or slowly breathing setting the pace for her to breathe in and out. Assuring her that her birth rhythm is just perfect.


Women in labor need to be allowed space. To empower themselves and own their birth.  To ask questions and make sound decisions. To be an active participant, not have things done to them.


The role of the Doula is to support the mother. To be the sturdy chair in the corner that mom can sit on or hold onto. Then when she doesn't need it, is still there quietly holding the space.


The woman in labor does not need a superhero to come in and fix her. There is nothing to be saved from.  Doulas are more like Sherpas, guiding a laboring woman up the mountain. The doula can show the laboring woman some options along the way. Supportive routes when detours emerge. Ultimately the expectant mother must climb the mountain herself. It’s her birth journey.


Whether she reaches the top and sees the view from the mountain peak, or turns down the mountain, it is her journey. She needs no saving. She needs support, love and reassurance. Birth like life, is a journey. No two adventures are ever a like. We must allow each birth to unfold the way it was meant to.





Introducing Olivia Norberg - Birth Doula

Join us in welcoming Olivia Norberg to Northern Virginia Birth Services. We are thrilled to have her on our team! 

1. What brought you to be a professional doula?

Introduction to birth came very early for me. I was in middle school when I started attending birth workers meetings with my mom.  It was so interesting to me. When I was 15, my sister let me be a part of the home birth of her first child. It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I realized being a labor doula was something that I wanted to pursue for my career. 

2. What is your favorite part of supporting families?

One thing I really enjoy about being a labor doula is encouraging families to have the confidence to advocate for what they want. Sometimes birth can be viewed as just another medical procedure. It is very satisfying to see families take back their voice and work with their doctor as a team instead of being intimidated by them.

3. When did you become a mother?

I was almost a month shy of 19 when I gave birth to my son. 

4. What are some of your dreams/visions for your profession?

 I would love to see the mindset of birth changed. Helping women witness that it’s not a passive event but an intimate and spiritual one where they do have the authority to speak up for their body, their baby and their family. I anticipate that as a doula I can help support and empower through education for women to trust their bodies and their instincts.

5. What is your greatest joy in mothering your own children?

 There is so much joy in motherhood. From the good morning smiles, unexpected hugs, chubby 3 year old arms, to slobbery kisses of a baby. The list can go on and on but for me it is most rewarding when I see the impact that my husband and I have on our children. The little moments when my son, even at 3, stands up for what he thinks is right, is kind to his brother, holds the door open for ladies, or says a heartfelt prayer. Those are the moments I swell up with pure bliss because I can see that the energy and love I pour in to my children is helping to shape them in to men who can change the world,  and productive members of society who will make a difference and give back. That is what I live for.

6. What would be your best advice for a new mom? 

Throughout your life you will have those days where it feels like the only positive aspect about the day is everyone managed to stay alive. You will have a day where everything feels like it’s going wrong, it’s inevitable. My best advice on those days, the days when you feel like your head may explode, is before you do anything, take a deep breath, and say I love you. Those three words exhaled in the place of an explosion of frustration can make a world of difference. Another piece of advice I have lived by is listen to your instincts. You have a connection with your child that runs so deep. Listen to your mommy instinct even if it goes against everything everyone else is telling you. Trust your gut


If Only I had a Doula.....

If only I had a doula.....

In my first trimester of pregnancy.

A miscarriage a few months prior and subsequent pregnancy with terrible morning sickness. Sick so bad, you can't cook or even smell food and most days you can't take care of yourself or your kids. Support physically from a doula who could do the things you can't in and around the house. 

Puking is a lot of work. Imagine someone to keep your hair clean or push on pressure points for comfort. To clean up the mess and make you look and feel pretty again. 

If you are pregnant or remember being pregnant, feeling half alive because of fatigue is real. To have someone there to let you nap or to help you get some rest would provide much need rejuvenation for your body and soul. 

How about having someone there to remind you of just how amazing you are when you feel so crappy. Someone to help you with the negative automatic thoughts over fears Having a doula to keep you focused on the positive thoughts and not let fear set in makes for a much more relaxed mom. 

A doula does all of these things. Not just for mothers in labor or while they are home with their babies after birth. While a doula is most often recognized as the support person for the birthing mother it can almost be anything in life.  When would you have had a doula in your life?

Add a doula to your support team today with Northern Virginia Birth Services. Our doulas will help rejuvenate you, support you. encourage you,  and give you confidence in your choices.  






The Northern Virginia Birth Services Difference

What makes Northern Virginia Birth Services DIFFERENT from other doula agencies or doulas in our area? What makes us the BEST?

1. Team Approach With a Difference

Some agencies just do shared call but at NOVA Birth Services you have a primary doula who you are in contact with throughout your pregnancy and when birth begins. You also have a professional doula as a back up who you will meet to. There is no searching for local doulas last minute on list serves to attend your birth should your doula be at another birth. Which brings us to our next BEST difference.

2. Professional Options

All the doulas at NOVA Birth Services are all trained from some of the countries best doula training companies and are encouraged to keep up with continuing education to grow their knowledge to best support the families in our community. Because of diversity, we also have many additional services to offer our clients based on their needs and wishes. Some of those services included are belly binding, massage, keepsake jewelry, postpartum support groups and tons of education opportunities. 

3. Non Judgemental

Our support is not what we think is best for you or our ideals. IT IS ABOUT YOU! We support clients no matter where they choose to birth, how they choose to birth, or how they feed their babies. We meet you where you are at and help to instill you with strength in your decisions as a parent. We aren't a birth center, or hospital so our support is unbiased and all YOUR WAY!

4. No Doubt Placenta!

YES! Our safety standards are so that we guarantee 100% that the care for your placenta is your placenta. We provide the transport kit that follows World Health Organization transportation guidelines and you take it home and we come to your home to serve you during the postpartum period and to process the placenta with love, care and with the highest regard. 

We come highly recommended from many providers in the area and have been serving families in our communities for many years. Look no further than the support at Northern Virginia Birth Services for your unique, your way support.